New destination, new life


Beaches, sun, mountains, good weather… I greet you from the Canary Islands!

This is not so good news as I intended them to be from the beginning, but when something excites me … is beyond me! But still comment here makes it official. The news is that after many “headaches”, my couple and me have moved to the so-called “Fortunate Islands”, the Canary Islands. I wanted to tell the whole story, but a month and a half of experiences, thoughts and decisions are too long to count around here, so I will summarize:


Playas, sol, montaña, buen tiempo… ¡Os saludo desde Canarias! 

Esto ya no son tan buenas nuevas como yo pretendía que fueran desde el principio, pero cuando algo me ilusiona… ¡se me escapa! Aún así comentarlo por aquí lo hace oficial de todas las formas y maneras posibles. La noticia es que después de muchos quebraderos de cabeza, mi pareja y yo nos hemos mudado hasta las llamadas “Islas afortunadas”, las Islas Canarias. Me encantaría contaros toda la historia, pero un mes y medio de vivencias, pensamientos y decisiones son muy largos para contarlos por aquí, así que os resumiré:

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My exams season


I said that gradually, no? Well, here I return to appear this week to give the news that… Tomorrow begins my exams! So the surprises and new things will have to wait two weeks, but don’t worry I’ll keep present for here;)

Here I leave you with the dough recipe crêpes I did the other day in my work and they were scrumptious. The truth is that I had not planned upload it, but I know I’ve been absent a long time, I wanted to compensate you… So here goes!
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